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Nitrile gloves Benchmark BMG425 box of 100 disposable gloves

Nitrile Gloves Benchmark BMG425 Box of 100 Disposable Gloves - Care4Health

Nitrile gloves Benchmark BMG425 box of 100 disposable gloves

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Nitrile gloves Benchmark BMG425 in blue - latex-free and non-sterile


The nitrile gloves Benchmark BMG425 in blue represent an alternative to classic latex gloves. This makes them ideal for people who suffer from a latex allergy. The nitrile gloves have the following characteristics BMG425 benchmark in blue from:

  • specially designed for use in the medical, chemical and pharmaceutical sectors
  • universal fit for two-handed portability
  • textured outer surface for an optimal grip
  • Made of nitrile and guaranteed to be 100% latex-free

The nitrile gloves BMG425 benchmark in blue are ideal as examination gloves in the medical field. These disposable gloves have proven their worth as protection against various chemicals and acids. They can be carried on both hands, as the thumbs are attached to the side. In addition, these nitrile gloves are very comfortable to wear, even if they are worn for a long time.

Disposable gloves for medical areas and laboratories - handy and resilient

The powder-free examination gloves are provided with a roll cuff. This cuff ensures that there is no risk of slipping over the back of the hand. The examination gloves stay in place, but at the same time offer the greatest possible freedom of movement. They adapt to the movements, because the elasticity is 800%. Thanks to the non-slip, but still thin texture, the tactile sensation is retained. This makes these nitrile gloves ideal examination gloves that are safe, sensitive and tear-resistant at the same time. Further features of the disposable gloves Viawant Nitrile Pro in blue:

  • AQL 2,5
  • the disposable gloves were manufactured according to the EN 374 standards
  • PPE category III according to PPE regulation (EU) 2016/425,
  • suitable for foodstuffs according to regulation (EG) 1935/2004,
  • As a medical product, they correspond to class 1 according to Directive 93/42 / EEC
  • the wall thickness is between 0.06mm and 0.08mm
  • PU: 100 pieces / box, 10 boxes / carton, 72 cartons / pallet

The nitrile gloves BMG425 benchmark in blue can also be used when handling food or in emergency services. The advantage is that the examination gloves are as comfortable to wear as disposable latex gloves. Thanks to the excellent fit, they hug your hand almost like a second skin.

Particular caution is required when handling food. The Viawant Nitrile Pro nitrile gloves in blue are powder-free and can therefore be safely used in combination with all kinds of food.

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