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Layman test Labnovation 5 pack | CE1434 | 3G workplace | BfArm approval

Layman test Labnovation 5 pack | CE1434 | 3G workplace | BfArm approval

Layman test Labnovation 5 pack | CE1434 | 3G workplace | BfArm approval

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    • Test result in 15 minutes
    • Anterio nasal self-test - smear in the anterior nasal cavity
    • Very easy and painless handling
    • Sensitivity 98,50%
    • Specificity 100,00%
    • Evaluated and checked by the Paul Ehrlich Institute
    • Official listing of the Federal Institute for Drugs and Medical Devices BfArM


    With the Labnovation The user receives a lay test within A highly precise test result in a very short time. In addition, the test is faster and cheaper than conventional PCR tests. The latter, however, must have a positive test result with the Labnovation Confirm lay test. However, it is Lay test A useful means of a comprehensive strategy against a COVID-19 infection, especially at point-of-care locations such as hospitals, schools or care facilities. It is a precision medicine that delivers quick results and is carried out in close proximity to the patient. Thus, there can be an infectiousness can be tested without spending a lot of time and also at home and in companies. With the help of the smear method, a disease can be reliably detected and containment is possible in a timely manner. The test, which is of course based on the List of the Federal Ministry for Drugs and Medical Devices is located, has a Sensitivity of 98,50% and a specificity of 100,00%.

    The Labnovation Lay test uses reliable and high quality technology to provide a direct Detection of antigens from SARS-CoV-2 infection to deliver. Screenings can be carried out quickly and easily. Thus, the Hotgen Biotech lay test is more than a supplement to individual safety, because it can also be used in the context of patient management.


    1. Sample collection:

    • Gently insert the entire soft tip of the swab into one nostril about 1.5 cm until you feel some resistance.
    • Using medium pressure, slowly rub the swab in a circular motion around the inner wall of your nose 4 times for a total of 15 seconds.
    • Repeat the same process with the same swab in the other nostril.

    2. Sample treatment

    • After the sample has been taken, the smear is soaked below the liquid level of the sample extraction buffer, rotated several times and pressed 3 times, the soaking time of the smear is at least 15 seconds.
    • The sampling tube is compressed while the swab is removed
    • The sampling tube is then closed with the cap. The liquid in the tube is the sample after the treatment

    3. Sample storage: The treated sample should be tested within 1 hour.


    1. Insert the test cassette and sample extraction buffer for 15 ~ 30 minutes at room temperature and bring to room temperature (10 ~ 30 ℃).
    2. Open the aluminum foil pouch of the test device and place the test device on a flat surface.
    3. Put 4 drops of the treated sample into the sample hole of the test cassette (in the case of chromatographic anomalies, add an additional 1 to 2 drops of the treated sample). Incubate for 15 minutes at 10 ~ 30 ° C.
    4. Observe results after incubation at 10 to 30 ° C for 15 minutes. The result obtained after 30 minutes is invalid.


    • Place the test cassette, sample extraction buffer, and single-use virus specimen swab in the biohazard sample bag and seal the bag.
    • Discard the remaining components of the sample kit.
    • Reapply hand sanitizer.

    Two colored bands show up in the observation window, i.e. a red or magenta line appears at the position of the quality control line (C-line) and the detection line (T-line) (as shown in Result 1), which indicates that the test result of the SARS-CoV -2 antibody in the sample is positive.

    A red or magenta line appears at the quality control line (C-line) position in the observation window, and no line appears at the test line (T-line) position (as shown in Result 2), indicating that the test results of the SARS CoV-2 antibodies in the sample are negative or the concentration is below the detection limit of the set.

    No line appears at the position of the quality control line (line C) in the observation window (as shown in Result 3), indicating that the test is invalid and the sample should be recollected and retested.

    Delivery :

    • Antigen test cassette 1 x test
    • Disposable virus specimen swab 1 x test
    • Sample extraction buffer 0,3 ml 1 x piece
    • Garbage bags for the contaminated waste 1 x piece
    • Manual
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