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Hand disinfectant SAMEDISOFT

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Hand disinfectant SAMEDISOFT

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Hand disinfectant SAMEDISOFT as an everyday helper

Since the corona pandemic at the latest, the disinfectant has been a practical companion in everyday life. Whenever there is no way to wash your hands, the hand disinfectant is a practical alternative. SAMEDISOFT is effective against bacteria and yeasts as well as enveloped viruses, such as the corona virus. The product is manufactured in Germany so that all guidelines and specifications are complied with during production.

There are three sizes to choose from for our customers: The smallest bottle with a volume of 100 milliliters fits perfectly in your handbag or trouser pocket and becomes a practical companion in everyday life. The medium bottle with a content of 500 milliliters is suitable for use in the home, while the largest bottle with one liter is ideal for the bathroom. Thanks to the pump function, dosing - for example after hand washing for additional care - is not a challenge.

Disinfectant in the fight against viruses and bacteria

Washing your hands is perfect for ridding your hands of dangerous viruses and bacteria. However, you are not always able to do this. When shopping or on public transport, you often have a desire to clean your hands. And there is a good reason for this: Studies have shown that the coronavirus survives on the surfaces for up to five days. Even if there is still no evidence of transmission through surfaces, experts are calling for increased hand hygiene. With the hand disinfectant you play it safe that bacteria, yeast and enveloped viruses are eliminated. Our disinfectant consists of 50 percent ethanol, as well as isopropanol (10 percent), benzalkonium chloride (1 percent), purified water and aloe vera extract.

Hand disinfection prevents dry and cracked skin

Those who regularly disinfect their hands with products that have a high alcohol content will struggle with dry and cracked skin after just a few days. The disinfectants attack the natural protective barrier of the skin and destroy it. This is particularly dangerous in the fight against viruses and bacteria. Because the corona virus or other pathogens have direct access to the mucous membranes, so that an infection is generally faster. Our hand disinfectant contains nourishing aloe vera extra. A very good tolerance was found in a dermatological test. Disinfection is also used in hospitals, which underlines the test results. Even with prolonged use, the skin remains tender and soft.

Important information on the use of disinfection

Caution should always be exercised when using disinfectants and biocidal products. Always read the label and product information before use. Both the liquid itself and the vapor are highly flammable. In addition, severe eye irritation can be caused. For this reason, the disinfectant must not get into the hands of small children. Keep liquids and vapors away from heat, hot surfaces and other types of ignition sources. Sparks, cigarettes or open flames should be avoided. The container must remain tightly closed when not in use.
In contact with the mucous membranes: Rinse eyes, nose or mouth with water for a few minutes. Contact lenses should be removed if possible.


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