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Penguin Pedal Disinfectant Dispenser

Penguin Pedal Disinfectant Dispenser - Care4Health

Penguin Pedal Disinfectant Dispenser

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  • 100% made of stainless steel
  • Completely mechanical
  • Built-in large 4 liter stainless steel tank (approx. 2.200 pumping processes) Easy and clean filling
  • Dimensions 100 (W) x 100 (D) x 1000 (H) mm
  • Footprint: 300 x 300 mm
  • Net weight: 14 kg (without disinfectant gel)
Sterile hands on pedal pressure
In everyday life, reliable hygiene is important in many areas - pathogens, viruses and germs present a present health risk. It is important to protect yourself and your fellow human beings from infection. Hand hygiene plays a crucial role in this. Penguin Pedal Dispensers make a valuable contribution to efficient disinfection in high-traffic locations. Risk hot spots such as parking ticket machines, jacks, sanitary facilities and the like lose their potential for danger.

The direct hit when it comes to hand hygiene
Penguin Pedal Dispensers are intuitive and easy to use. Already during the conception, functionality and durability were important. Use is not a challenge even for seniors. By pressing the pedal with a non-slip surface, disinfectant is pumped out of the dispenser. The special foot lever design ensures that the devices can also be operated from wheelchairs. It is also operated without great effort; people with walking difficulties can also press the pedal down with a walking aid. In contrast to other dispenser systems, the dispensers work purely mechanically; electricity is not required for operation. In addition, they do not contain any motion sensors prone to malfunction. This means that restaurants, care facilities and municipalities are flexible when it comes to choosing a location.

Indispensable for efficient hand hygiene in everyday life
Penguin Pedal Dispensers are skillfully integrated into any environment. All elements are made of high-quality and corrosion-resistant stainless steel. The disinfection dispensers are therefore also suitable for outdoor areas. They are optimally used in the entrance areas of parking garages, hotels and hospitals. The integrated tank holds four liters of disinfectant solution, which is enough for around 2.200 applications. It can be easily removed and cleaned. All liquid and gel-like substances are suitable for filling.

Unauthorized persons have no way of accessing the disinfectant contained, it is hidden behind a solidly processed and lockable flap made of stainless steel. Penguin pedal dispensers are absolutely stable. With the help of dowels and screws, they can be mounted on any flat and hard surface, with holes provided in the base plate. People of all sizes can handle the dimensions. The disinfection dispensers have a total height of one meter, the drain channel is in the upper area of ​​the stainless steel columns. It is just as easy to reach for wheelchair users as it is for tall people.

Suitable for wheelchairs, environmentally friendly, cost-effective
Regular hand disinfection is easy and safe with Penguin Pedal Dispenser. The versions are wheelchair accessible, so people with disabilities also benefit from a high level of hygiene. A device does not consume electricity, so it can easily be described as cost-effective and environmentally friendly. Apart from filling the disinfectant, maintenance work is completely eliminated.
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